Welcome to the Bennelong Swisswellness Cycling Team_

Australia’s #1 Continental Cycling Team 8 years running. Built on passion, teamwork and partnerships. 2018 is set to be a huge year both here and overseas.

How we do it.


Entering our 19th year on the road we know a thing or two about what it takes to be successful in this sport. A team first approach ensures collaboration, selflessness and an environment where anything is possible.


Lead by the one of the best tactical brains in cycling a meticulous approach to races means no stone is left unturned. We research the course, the competition and the environment to ensure we have a competitive advantage no matter where we are.


A high performance department lead by renowned sports scientist and coach Mark Fenner ensures riders are always at their best physical and mental level come race day. World's best practice and a backend analytics and planning software keep us ahead of the game.


To be the best you need to work with the best. Our partners are fully invested in what we do. They work with the team and each other to bring about positive outcomes through the business of cycling.

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Our Riders

The true meaning of a champion team. Born as an alternative to traditional performance pathways. Hard work, graft and guts have got us here.

Our Partners

We're only as good as the people around us. This year, we're backed by the best of the best.